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"Extending the Owner's Return On Investment, while enhancing
the Tenant's living experience is a tough challenge" - John Hill


At HQ Property Management, LLC,  our focus is on providing a better Value to our Clients, and a greater Renter's experience to their tenants.  

John Hill

Operations Director

Brian Quick

VP Sales

John is a seasoned multi-family housing property manager. Before changing careers, he worked as a technical Project Manager implementingsolutions for a Fortune 50 company.

Brian's vast experience includes facilities management, and developing longterm vendor relationships. His rolodex encompasses over 30 years of contacts in the Tri-State area.

We love older historically recognized and nationally registered neighborhoods.  Part of what we do, is try to maintain the culture of these communities while meeting the needs of the market.  Our best practices in property management along with the knowledge of how to use technology to increase effeciency and enhance tenant safety can greatly impact an owner's bottom line.

Our many years of experience in facilities management and project management for large corporations is easily transferred down to the smaller multi-family residence.

Did you know?

  • Many historic homes pre-date electricity, and can have as many as six different electrical systems throughout the structure

  • Because of the plumbing and piping layout, it can be very unclear as to exactly which tenants are using the majority of utilities

  • In older structures, the most dangerous time for water pipes to burst is actually after the weather begins to warm up

  • Tenants today demand greater and direct communications with their management companies

  • Most renters desire the charm of older structures, but REQUIRE access to technological amenities.

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