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"Communication is the most effective way to maintain tenant satisfaction." - Brian Quick

Property Services.



Today's tenants want better communications with their property managers. Social media can greatly affect a property's value in regards to the overall tenant experience. Understanding what is important to the tenant will ultimately lead to longer term residents. 

Our property management services, include:

  • Leasing & Background Checks

  • Rental Payments

  • Marketing and Apartment Showings 

  • Tenant Communications (ex. Service, Public Safety, Neighborhood Activities, Alerts)

  • Building Maintenance and Repair

  • Evictions



Let us take a look at your existing business lines and see where you may be losing money.  Often times, services appear to be within market norms, only to find out later that they lack attention to detail.

  • ROI Analysis 

  • Scheduling 

  • Vendor Relationships

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